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Non-Axial Upper Bones, Ultrasonography

Ultrasonography: Real time display of images of anatomy or flow information developed from the capture of reflected and attenuated high frequency sound waves
BP48 Ultrasonography, Shoulder, Right
PCS BP48 Ultrasonography, Shoulder, RightBP49 Ultrasonography, Shoulder, Left
PCS BP49 Ultrasonography, Shoulder, LeftBP4G Ultrasonography, Elbow, Right
PCS BP4G Ultrasonography, Elbow, RightBP4H Ultrasonography, Elbow, Left
PCS BP4H Ultrasonography, Elbow, LeftBP4L Ultrasonography, Wrist, Right
PCS BP4L Ultrasonography, Wrist, RightBP4M Ultrasonography, Wrist, Left
PCS BP4M Ultrasonography, Wrist, LeftBP4N Ultrasonography, Hand, Right
PCS BP4N Ultrasonography, Hand, RightBP4P Ultrasonography, Hand, Left PCS BP4P Ultrasonography, Hand, Left


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