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PCS-2023 > B > B3 > B34

Upper Arteries, Ultrasonography

Ultrasonography: Real time display of images of anatomy or flow information developed from the capture of reflected and attenuated high frequency sound waves
B340 Ultrasonography, Thoracic Aorta
PCS B340 Ultrasonography, Thoracic AortaB341 Ultrasonography, Brachiocephalic-Subclavian Artery, Right
PCS B341 Ultrasonography, Brachiocephalic-Subclavian Artery, RightB342 Ultrasonography, Subclavian Artery, Left
PCS B342 Ultrasonography, Subclavian Artery, LeftB343 Ultrasonography, Common Carotid Artery, Right
PCS B343 Ultrasonography, Common Carotid Artery, RightB344 Ultrasonography, Common Carotid Artery, Left
PCS B344 Ultrasonography, Common Carotid Artery, LeftB345 Ultrasonography, Common Carotid Arteries, Bilateral
PCS B345 Ultrasonography, Common Carotid Arteries, BilateralB346 Ultrasonography, Internal Carotid Artery, Right
PCS B346 Ultrasonography, Internal Carotid Artery, RightB347 Ultrasonography, Internal Carotid Artery, Left
PCS B347 Ultrasonography, Internal Carotid Artery, LeftB348 Ultrasonography, Internal Carotid Arteries, Bilateral
PCS B348 Ultrasonography, Internal Carotid Arteries, BilateralB34H Ultrasonography, Upper Extremity Arteries, Right
PCS B34H Ultrasonography, Upper Extremity Arteries, RightB34J Ultrasonography, Upper Extremity Arteries, Left
PCS B34J Ultrasonography, Upper Extremity Arteries, LeftB34K Ultrasonography, Upper Extremity Arteries, Bilateral
PCS B34K Ultrasonography, Upper Extremity Arteries, BilateralB34R Ultrasonography, Intracranial Arteries
PCS B34R Ultrasonography, Intracranial ArteriesB34S Ultrasonography, Pulmonary Artery, Right
PCS B34S Ultrasonography, Pulmonary Artery, RightB34T Ultrasonography, Pulmonary Artery, Left
PCS B34T Ultrasonography, Pulmonary Artery, LeftB34V Ultrasonography, Ophthalmic Arteries PCS B34V Ultrasonography, Ophthalmic Arteries


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