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ICD-10-CM-2017 Diagnosis Codes Overview
ICD-10-CM-2017 > S00-T88 > T07-T07
Injuries involving multiple body regions
burns and corrosions (icd T20 Burn and corrosion of head, face, and neckT20-icd T32 Corrosions classified according to extent of body surface involvedT32)
frostbite (icd T33-T34 Frostbite T33-T34)
insect bite or sting, venomous (icd T63.4 Toxic effect of venom of other arthropodsT63.4)
sunburn (icd L55 SunburnL55.-)
icd T07 Unspecified multiple injuriesT07Icd T07 Unspecified multiple injuries Unspecified multiple injuries

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