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ICD-10-CM-2017 Diagnosis Codes Overview
ICD-10-CM-2017 > Q00-Q99 > Q35-Q37
Cleft lip and cleft palate
Use add'l
code to identify associated malformation of the nose (icd Q30.2 Fissured, notched and cleft noseQ30.2)
Robin's syndrome (icd Q87.0 Congenital malformation syndromes predominantly affecting facial appearanceQ87.0)
icd Q35 Cleft palateQ35Icd Q35 Cleft palate Cleft palate
icd Q36 Cleft lipQ36Icd Q36 Cleft lip Cleft lip
icd Q37 Cleft palate with cleft lipQ37Icd Q37 Cleft palate with cleft lip Cleft palate with cleft lip

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