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ICD-10-CM-2017 Diagnosis Codes Overview
ICD-10-CM-2017 > M00-M99 > M26-M27
Dentofacial anomalies [including malocclusion] and other disorders of jaw
hemifacial atrophy or hypertrophy (icd Q67.4 Other congenital deformities of skull, face and jawQ67.4)
unilateral condylar hyperplasia or hypoplasia (icd M27.8 Other specified diseases of jawsM27.8)
icd M26 Dentofacial anomalies [including malocclusion]M26Icd M26 Dentofacial anomalies [including malocclusion] Dentofacial anomalies [including malocclusion]
icd M27 Other diseases of jawsM27Icd M27 Other diseases of jaws Other diseases of jaws

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