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Veins, Ultrasonography

Ultrasonography: Real time display of images of anatomy or flow information developed from the capture of reflected and attenuated high frequency sound waves
B543 Ultrasonography, Jugular Veins, Right
PCS B543 Ultrasonography, Jugular Veins, RightB544 Ultrasonography, Jugular Veins, Left
PCS B544 Ultrasonography, Jugular Veins, LeftB546 Ultrasonography, Subclavian Vein, Right
PCS B546 Ultrasonography, Subclavian Vein, RightB547 Ultrasonography, Subclavian Vein, Left
PCS B547 Ultrasonography, Subclavian Vein, LeftB548 Ultrasonography, Superior Vena Cava
PCS B548 Ultrasonography, Superior Vena CavaB549 Ultrasonography, Inferior Vena Cava
PCS B549 Ultrasonography, Inferior Vena CavaB54B Ultrasonography, Lower Extremity Veins, Right
PCS B54B Ultrasonography, Lower Extremity Veins, RightB54C Ultrasonography, Lower Extremity Veins, Left
PCS B54C Ultrasonography, Lower Extremity Veins, LeftB54D Ultrasonography, Lower Extremity Veins, Bilateral
PCS B54D Ultrasonography, Lower Extremity Veins, BilateralB54J Ultrasonography, Renal Vein, Right
PCS B54J Ultrasonography, Renal Vein, RightB54K Ultrasonography, Renal Vein, Left
PCS B54K Ultrasonography, Renal Vein, LeftB54L Ultrasonography, Renal Veins, Bilateral
PCS B54L Ultrasonography, Renal Veins, BilateralB54M Ultrasonography, Upper Extremity Veins, Right
PCS B54M Ultrasonography, Upper Extremity Veins, RightB54N Ultrasonography, Upper Extremity Veins, Left
PCS B54N Ultrasonography, Upper Extremity Veins, LeftB54P Ultrasonography, Upper Extremity Veins, Bilateral
PCS B54P Ultrasonography, Upper Extremity Veins, BilateralB54T Ultrasonography, Portal and Splanchnic Veins PCS B54T Ultrasonography, Portal and Splanchnic Veins


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