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Veins, Fluoroscopy

Fluoroscopy: Single plane or bi-plane real time display of an image developed from the capture of external ionizing radiation on a fluorescent screen. The image may also be stored by either digital or analog means
B510 Fluoroscopy, Epidural Veins
PCS B510 Fluoroscopy, Epidural VeinsB511 Fluoroscopy, Cerebral and Cerebellar Veins
PCS B511 Fluoroscopy, Cerebral and Cerebellar VeinsB512 Fluoroscopy, Intracranial Sinuses
PCS B512 Fluoroscopy, Intracranial SinusesB513 Fluoroscopy, Jugular Veins, Right
PCS B513 Fluoroscopy, Jugular Veins, RightB514 Fluoroscopy, Jugular Veins, Left
PCS B514 Fluoroscopy, Jugular Veins, LeftB515 Fluoroscopy, Jugular Veins, Bilateral
PCS B515 Fluoroscopy, Jugular Veins, BilateralB516 Fluoroscopy, Subclavian Vein, Right
PCS B516 Fluoroscopy, Subclavian Vein, RightB517 Fluoroscopy, Subclavian Vein, Left
PCS B517 Fluoroscopy, Subclavian Vein, LeftB518 Fluoroscopy, Superior Vena Cava
PCS B518 Fluoroscopy, Superior Vena CavaB519 Fluoroscopy, Inferior Vena Cava
PCS B519 Fluoroscopy, Inferior Vena CavaB51B Fluoroscopy, Lower Extremity Veins, Right
PCS B51B Fluoroscopy, Lower Extremity Veins, RightB51C Fluoroscopy, Lower Extremity Veins, Left
PCS B51C Fluoroscopy, Lower Extremity Veins, LeftB51D Fluoroscopy, Lower Extremity Veins, Bilateral
PCS B51D Fluoroscopy, Lower Extremity Veins, BilateralB51F Fluoroscopy, Pelvic (Iliac) Veins, Right
PCS B51F Fluoroscopy, Pelvic (Iliac) Veins, RightB51G Fluoroscopy, Pelvic (Iliac) Veins, Left
PCS B51G Fluoroscopy, Pelvic (Iliac) Veins, LeftB51H Fluoroscopy, Pelvic (Iliac) Veins, Bilateral
PCS B51H Fluoroscopy, Pelvic (Iliac) Veins, BilateralB51J Fluoroscopy, Renal Vein, Right
PCS B51J Fluoroscopy, Renal Vein, RightB51K Fluoroscopy, Renal Vein, Left
PCS B51K Fluoroscopy, Renal Vein, LeftB51L Fluoroscopy, Renal Veins, Bilateral
PCS B51L Fluoroscopy, Renal Veins, BilateralB51M Fluoroscopy, Upper Extremity Veins, Right
PCS B51M Fluoroscopy, Upper Extremity Veins, RightB51N Fluoroscopy, Upper Extremity Veins, Left
PCS B51N Fluoroscopy, Upper Extremity Veins, LeftB51P Fluoroscopy, Upper Extremity Veins, Bilateral
PCS B51P Fluoroscopy, Upper Extremity Veins, BilateralB51Q Fluoroscopy, Pulmonary Vein, Right
PCS B51Q Fluoroscopy, Pulmonary Vein, RightB51R Fluoroscopy, Pulmonary Vein, Left
PCS B51R Fluoroscopy, Pulmonary Vein, LeftB51S Fluoroscopy, Pulmonary Veins, Bilateral
PCS B51S Fluoroscopy, Pulmonary Veins, BilateralB51T Fluoroscopy, Portal and Splanchnic Veins
PCS B51T Fluoroscopy, Portal and Splanchnic VeinsB51V Fluoroscopy, Veins, Other
PCS B51V Fluoroscopy, Veins, OtherB51W Fluoroscopy, Dialysis Shunt/Fistula PCS B51W Fluoroscopy, Dialysis Shunt/Fistula


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