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PCS-2022 > 9 > 9W > 9WB

Anatomical Regions, Manipulation

Manipulation: Manual procedure that involves a directed thrust to move a joint past the physiological range of motion, without exceeding the anatomical limit
9WB0 Manipulation, Head
PCS 9WB0 Manipulation, Head9WB1 Manipulation, Cervical
PCS 9WB1 Manipulation, Cervical9WB2 Manipulation, Thoracic
PCS 9WB2 Manipulation, Thoracic9WB3 Manipulation, Lumbar
PCS 9WB3 Manipulation, Lumbar9WB4 Manipulation, Sacrum
PCS 9WB4 Manipulation, Sacrum9WB5 Manipulation, Pelvis
PCS 9WB5 Manipulation, Pelvis9WB6 Manipulation, Lower Extremities
PCS 9WB6 Manipulation, Lower Extremities9WB7 Manipulation, Upper Extremities
PCS 9WB7 Manipulation, Upper Extremities9WB8 Manipulation, Rib Cage
PCS 9WB8 Manipulation, Rib Cage9WB9 Manipulation, Abdomen PCS 9WB9 Manipulation, Abdomen


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