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PCS-2022 Procedure Codes Overview
PCS-2022 > 7 > 7W > 7W0

Anatomical Regions, Treatment

Treatment: Manual treatment to eliminate or alleviate somatic dysfunction and related disorders
7W00 Treatment, Head
PCS 7W00 Treatment, Head7W01 Treatment, Cervical
PCS 7W01 Treatment, Cervical7W02 Treatment, Thoracic
PCS 7W02 Treatment, Thoracic7W03 Treatment, Lumbar
PCS 7W03 Treatment, Lumbar7W04 Treatment, Sacrum
PCS 7W04 Treatment, Sacrum7W05 Treatment, Pelvis
PCS 7W05 Treatment, Pelvis7W06 Treatment, Lower Extremities
PCS 7W06 Treatment, Lower Extremities7W07 Treatment, Upper Extremities
PCS 7W07 Treatment, Upper Extremities7W08 Treatment, Rib Cage
PCS 7W08 Treatment, Rib Cage7W09 Treatment, Abdomen PCS 7W09 Treatment, Abdomen


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